How To Repair A Vacuum Cleaner [Latest Guide]

How To Repair A Vacuum Cleaner

If you are already using the best vacuum cleaner 2020, then you should know how to repair a vacuum cleaner.

Moreover, vacuum cleaners last almost 8 to 12 hours. It also depends on their maintenance, quality, and overall use.

If you are the one who knows the maintenance and repair of the vacuum cleaner, so you can easily extend its durability and reduce its cost.

How To Repair A Vacuum Cleaner

How To Repair A Vacuum Cleaner

The following are some of the steps where you will get to know about some issues and their repair.

Servicing an On/Off Switch

The problem of the switch occurs due to its repeated use. In most models of the vacuum cleaner, it’s easy to access and test the switch. To test and replace the switch:

  1. Before you process, first, you have to unplug the vacuum cleaner. After that, you need to remove the back cover to get to the switch. You may find the switch on the handle or the housing.
  2. Now, have a look at the wires to check whether the wires are attached to the switch or not.
  3. You should use a continuity tester to see that there is an open circuit when the switch is on or close the circuit when the switch is off.
  4. If you find any issue in the circuit or the switch does not test correctly, then replace it with the one that works.

Servicing a Beater Bar

The beater bar in a vacuum cleaner is the principal contact your upright vacuum has with dirt. It’s additionally one of the first parts to require adjusting.

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The beater bar is a round roller with a reasonable line of brush fibers. The brushes can wear out, the roller can harm, the end top can tumble off and be lost, or the drive belt may come free. To remove and replace the blender bar:

  1. To check the beater bar, you need to turn the vacuum cleaner upside down.
  2. Now, you have to remove the clips at each point and remove the drive belt.
  3. To dismantle the beater bar, remove the end cap and spine; pull the brush from the casing.
  4. If you find it worn, replace the brush. However, if you find it broken, remove the cap, flange, or case. If it doesn’t help, remove the whole beater bar.

Servicing A Drive Belt

The drive belt in a vacuum cleaner passes power from the motor to the mixer bar. The drive belt ought to be checked once per month to guarantee that it is in acceptable condition. Some beater bars have a change that permits the drive belt to fix or release. To replace the drive belt:

  1. You have to remove the one end of the beater bar.
  2. Now loosen the drive belt motor and remove it from the beater bar.
  3. Now arrange the new drive belt over the beater bar and also around the motor pulley.
  4. Now reinstall the beater bar
  5. All done!

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