How to Choose a Beard Trimmer?

How to Choose a Beard Trimmer

A lot of people are confused that what beard trimmer is the best choice for them. Beard trimmers are a modern essential, as modern men tend to move away from the clean shave look.

The best-looking beard does not grow magically out of anywhere. Instead, they are properly trimmed with some effort and work.

But the question remains what beard trimmer is best for your beard? Some basic things should be kept in mind while choosing a beard trimmer.

  1. It is not about choosing a product from a famous brand or choosing the most expensive. It is about choosing such a product that will last long. The things to look for in such a product is that does it have stainless steel blades or not.
  2. The blades should be durable and should be effective in removing hairs.
  3. The machine should be durable and shock-resistant so that if it accidentally falls, it should not break.

Another factor you should consider is to consider your budget. Specifying the amount, you are easily willing to pay for a trimmer. Do not overspend. A budget in mind will eliminate many options that are not worthy of you and will make the decision easier.

Since beard trimmers vary in prices due to brand, quality, and features, make sure to find the best affordable trimmer for you.

After the budget, comes the convenience. It comes in different forms and shapes. Convenience and comforts are two critical factors. You would want a trimmer that has a firm and excellent grip that won’t let the trimmer fall accidentally.

Portability is another factor to consider while choosing trimmer for yourself. If you are always traveling, whether for work or fun. You need to choose a beard trimmer that is lightweight and has the best battery timing so you can use it anywhere any time without any problem.

The most crucial factor that you should keep in mind is what kind of beard trimmer you want. Do you want a trimmer that is to trim your beard, or you want a trimmer that has movable parts to trim your body hairs?

Every trimmer is different from the other in design. You need to determine what you need.

What to look in a trimmer?

The necessary factor we discussed above cannot be ignored. But the different types and features are not required. You can freely choose whatever brand you like or whatever feature you want in your machine.

Wireless or Wired?

Some people still like the wired trimmer that provides endless juice whenever you want. You don’t have to worry about a specific time frame until the battery is drained.

But some people prefer the portability of wireless trimmer. The ease is that you can carry it anywhere.


some users are always worried and in trouble that they lose their trimmer when it comes in contact with water. So, they prefer a waterproof trimmer that is Best Beard Trimmer 2020 to use in the shower.

It means you can shave or trim your beard or any body hair while having a shower. This will save you time.

Length options

Trimmers usually have different length attachments and combs that you would want. You can adjust the length of the comb for short, medium, and extended according to your desire. It is your call whether you want a stubble beard or a duck dynasty beard.

You need to make sure that the trimmer you are buying has all the length options that you want.

Accessories and Attachments

We told you before to determine whether you are going to be using the trimmer only for your beard or not. If not, accessories will matter the most to clean your body hair. Or you can trim the hair to be short. Look for the accessories you need.

Do you need a turbo trimming mode or a pop-up ear trimmer? Since you don’t buy a trimmer every week, make sure to think about the future and consider your preferences might change after some days.

How to use a beard trimmer for the best results?

Having the best quality trimmer is not enough for a perfect look. You should know how to use a beard trimmer properly.

The following is the process of using a beard trimmer for the best result.

Wash and Dry

The first step is to wash your beard with the best quality shampoo. But do not use regular shampoo on your beard, because regular shampoo has harsh ingredients that dry out the essential oils. That result is overly dry hair.

Use beard shampoo that does not dry the hair oil and does not have any harsh ingredients.

Apply a little shampoo on your beard and use your fingertips to massage the shampoo down to your skin to remove dust.

After that, rinse beard with water and dry it.

Use a comb to comb it down.

Choose a preferred length

After washing, get the trimmer and choose the desired trimmer length that suits you the best while keeping the look in mind that look good on you. Once you have selected your preferred style and length, trim all parts of your beard.

Don’t afraid to experiment with different lengths on your beard.

Define the Cheek line

After trimming the bulk of beard hairs, remove the trimmer guard and define the preferred cheek line.

To get the best result, follow its natural line and try to trim as high as possible.

Define Neck Line

Trimming your neckline can be a little bit tricky and will leave you looking a bit disordered if you are not careful. But here’s how to do it.

  1. Don’t trim too high but leave a slight curve.
  2. Hair pointing down should stay, trim the hair that is pointing forward.
  3. Fade your neckline and cheek with a lower length setting to create a more uniform look.


There is plenty of reasons to review a trimmer. We took a lot of factors into account, like versatility, ease of use, and portability.

We also carefully consider the review of other customers as well as personal experience.

As beard trimmer is an invaluable tool to have for maintaining and designing your beard.

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