Holi Festival India – Tradition is still Alive!

Holi festival

Holi 2020 is among the world-renowned festivals. It is celebrated by the Hindu community all over the world. The most significant celebrations of the festival can be witnessed in India and some parts of Nepal. But Indians celebrate it to the fullest. As much as they can, all around the world where they live in a significant number.

Holi festival

You may also have heard about the Holi festival. So read a brief detail of what happens at the Holi festival in actual.

When is Holi celebrated?

Holi celebrations don’t have a fixed date as per the Gregorian calendar. It falls on the day after the full moon in the month of Phalguna in the Indian/Hindu calendar. The celebrations continue for two days. The first day is said as Choti Holi or Holika Dahan. The second day is Rang Wali Holi or Dhuleti. You can find the details about both days below.

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Holika Dahan:

The celebrations of Holika Dahan Mahurat 2020 will be on March 9, 2020, this year. The festival starts right after the sunset. People burn a bonfire that they prepare before many days. It is said that by lightening this bonfire, all the evil spirits will leave home and earth. There are timing to light the bonfire that is said as Mahurat. If these timings are not appropriately observed, all the Puja that people do can have adverse effects.

After the bonfire ends, everyone takes the ashes of it to their homes. It is a sign of health, wealth, and goodness.


This is the day of the real celebration. There is no Puja to be done on the day. All those people need to do is to play with colors. For this purpose, people gather in homes, streets, roads, and parks. Most of them wear white so that the colors of Holi become prominent while they throw it on each other. People use Gulal, Pichkari, and water balloons the most. Although smoke bombs and color cylinders are also becoming popular. Besides, some people even enjoy playing in the mud and the rain dance. Bhang, Lassi, and Thandai are a must while playing Holi, and everyone enjoys these drinks.

The evening after Holi:

After playing with colors from morning till afternoon, everyone goes back to home. They take a bath and dress up again. Its time for the family and friends gathering again. But this time not to play with colors, instead, to eat a meal together. This meal is of particular importance on Holi, and people try preparing for it for many days.

The significant dishes that people love to enjoy are Gujiya, ChannaChaat, DaalMakhani, PuranPoli, Phirni, MotichoorLaddu, and Kulfi. There is much more to the menu as per the tradition and culture of the region. People also exchange gifts on this occasion. And most of the time, they bring sweets to each other’s homes to wish Happy Holi.

Many people go outside at night to enjoy festivals that take place almost everywhere. There they enjoy food, music, dance, and shopping with their friends and family.

There are many traditions of Holi celebrations that belong to a specific region. But all of them are full of joy and carry the message of love because the purpose of Holi is to forget the differences and become close to each other. Happy Holi Wishes to all of you!

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